Where do you get your inspiration?

From very many things. Sometimes it can simply be a piece of metal on the floor, sometimes music, sometimes from a particular type of technology.

Take for example our Tree Series. Here we wanted to work with laser-cutting techniques and create a product which would otherwise be impossible to produce in any other way. Design work started in winter when the trees were without leaves. And there it was, a complex natural form created by laser. Since we had already produced servers, the pasta server was a very natural choice as the first Tree product.

The most beautiful salad servers
the most beautiful pasta server
unique salad servers with velvet steel color

And the sustainability of your products?

The essence of the design process is to produce long-lasting items using ecologically-friendly materials. Manufacturing is based on recycling, and ferrous scrap is used as a major raw material, for both the metal itself and for many items directly.

At the end of its lifespan, stainless steel can actually be recycled to produce the same quality of steel without a loss of its natural properties. However, Latimeria products are meant to be passed down from generation to generation.

All Latimeria products are produced in Finland using 100% Finnish raw materials to guarantee environmental, social, and economic standards.